Medior - Senior elixir developers in Rotterdam, NL

Equalture, a rising star(tup) in downtown Rotterdam (NL), is looking for Elixir engineers or experienced software engineers with a strong interest in Elixir / OTP.

About us

My name: Jaap Haagmans
My position: CTO
Company name: Equalture
Country: Netherlands
Company info and history:

At Equalture, we’re building a platform that facilitates objective (unbiased) hiring of candidates. By replacing the boring old job application form with a gamified job application experience, we’re able to collect a lot of data about a candidate’s skills and personality to predict whether the candidate will be a good fit. We use that data to improve predictions for future jobs and candidates.

We’ve been migrating away from a legacy platform to take back full control of our tech stack and have been really enjoying it so far. We’re using Elixir, Typescript/React (considering Elm), GraphQL and are deploying using Kubernetes. We have a CI and CD pipeline which means that every push on every branch is tested (coverage > 85%) and passed through Credo and Typescript checks. Deployment to production is a 1-step process.

About the job

Job title: Software engineer
Job description: You will be working on the core platform in a team of engineers (we’re growing to 9 developers this year) in (mainly) Elixir, contributing to our roadmap in close collaboration with the rest of the business.
Salary range: Competitive, with a lucrative company-wide incentive plan
Position on remote work: Currently not a fully remote position (but working from home can be discussed)
Qualifications or experience required: Elixir experience is not required, but obviously a big plus. No educational requirements.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: The core platform, with room to find your niche within it.

About the interview process

After applying, we usually schedule a quick call to make sure everyone knows what to expect and plan a meeting with me and a developer. If that goes well, you’ll have a second meeting with the other founders (CEO & COO) and we’ll come to a decision.

Further info

Feel free to read the original job posting at our career site for some more information about the company and the role. If that sounds great, you can apply to that job which will take your to the actual platform (. Cool, isn’t it? This will take about 15-20 minutes and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

If you’re still on the fence, join the next Elixir meetup in Rotterdam and ask me anything you’d like. We’re co-hosting it and I’ll talk about our first year of running Elixir in production :slight_smile: