Mental bridge from Ruby to Elixir?

Honestly, I could imagine that turning into some sort of “Elixir Recipes” book if you took it to the next level.


Well, I’ve already submitted one other talk proposal already for the upcoming ElixirConf.EU… so I did the obvious thing and submitted this one as well. :scream_cat: It’s a long wait until the selection so I just have to forget about it until then :wink:

I’m not that crazy… yet :slight_smile:

(BTW, it might not show in this post but I’m having a “celebrities talked to me” moment here :slight_smile: )


…ideally up to the point where people would look at a problem and think “Rails would be overkill for this” :slight_smile:

^ I like where this thread is going :slight_smile: Elixir Recipes could be some sort of community-driven Wiki maybe… Or at least a blog post.

Thank you everybody!