Metamorphic (Early Access) is using Elixir

Update to say that the registration issue is resolved! It was not technically an issue but definitely needed some UI improvements to make it clearer for people about whether their password was being accepted or not :slight_smile:

You can sign up and start posting and connecting with people/world!

Thank you everyone! More features and improvements on the way!

Metamorphic v0.2.20 is live with minor enhancements below :slight_smile:

Feedback / Feature Requests

Is there anything you’d like to see/not see? Let me know!


  • display relative timestamps in user’s local time
  • edit a connection’s label and badge color
  • view user profile based on user visibility setting

Metamorphic finally displays the local timestamp relative to a person’s local time (currently just in ‘en_US’) using phx-hook and Luxon:

// currently not using options
Hooks.LocalTimeAgo = {
  mounted(){ this.updated() },
  updated() {
    let dt = DateTime.fromISO(this.el.textContent, { zone: "UTC" }).toLocal();
    let options = {}
    this.el.textContent = `${dt.toRelative(options)}`

Metamorphic version 0.3.1 is live!

This update brings the ability to share a post with either specific connections or all of your connections.

When creating a post, you can select the “connections” option from the visibility menu and then add people by their username to share the post with (if you don’t add anyone specifically then it will share with all of your connections) — you also have to be connected to the person.

You can add as many people as you are connected to and it will display an indicator dot on your post in your timeline for each connection you’re specifically sharing with (and their username when you hover over the post). All encrypted for each user and in real time!

This is using an embedded schemas on the post, inputs_for, and Sortable.js with a phx-hook.

Soundless demo vid showing the latest features at Metamorphic v0.3.2+:

This is showcasing how the functionality in my previous post works, along with a few other things like when someone deletes their account or the adding/deleting avatars.

Vimeo - Metamorphic Demo v0.3.2

More to come! Thank you :heart:

Metamorphic v.0.3.10 released!


  • share Memories (photos) with your Connections (or privately to yourself) :tada:
  • fav/unfav Memories when viewing them
  • easily see the total storage you’re currently using for all your Memories
  • add a blurb
  • see who you’re sharing with
  • real time
  • (coming soon) comment on photos
  • (coming soon) publicly viewable photos

Helpful libraries
For Memories, we are using image, ex_marcel, ex_aws_s3, and enacl libraries to process, encrypt, and send to storj for storage.

Currently, there are no pricing tiers (free!). But, will most likely be implementing priced tiers based on the amount of storage, with a free tier so anyone can start sharing on Metamorphic.

More to come! Thank you :heart:

Metamorphic v.0.3.12 released!


  • user profiles
  • (coming soon) comment on photos
  • (coming soon) publicly viewable photos

This latest update brings the ability to create a profile that can be seen by your connections, just yourself, or the world.

You can choose what you’d like to share on your profile and have it set to a different setting than the rest of your account. When publicly viewable Memories are available, they will be accessible on your profile page if you choose to allow it.

The goal here is to continue to let ppl customize their own “space” on Metamorphic with the same privacy and control they have on the rest of the site.


With this update I also started to make use of supervised tasks to handle some async functionality around making object storage requests. So I’m excited for the upcoming Live View async feature and how that might be used. Currently using Task.Supervisor.async_nolink

(On phone) More to come! Thank you :heart:

Happy Monday everyone. Metamorphic v0.3.15 brings the ability to add remarks and reactions to Memories.


  • remark on Memories
  • react to Memories
  • (coming soon) delete/edit Remarks
  • (coming soon) publicly viewable Memories

If you are remarking on a connection’s Memory, only you and the people you are also connected to will see your actual remark. A non-mutual connection of that Memory will not be able to see the actual contents of the remark.

I’ve been thinking about a feature/way where non-mutual connections can see and connect with each other on Metamorphic. For example, friends of a friend. I just wasn’t sure that remarks on Memories was one such space for that.

More to come! Thank you :heart:

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Happy Friday everyone! Metamorphic v.0.4.6 is out! :partying_face:

This version brings Conversations, where you can talk to AI chatbots (LLMs) – currently from OpenAI, and it also brings subscriptions with a free tier.

Conversations is made possible thanks to @brainlid’s new langchain library and demo. I thought it would be really valuable to bring this to people’s accounts for all types of users and use cases, and I’m really excited for future possibilities we can build here.

If you’re familiar at all with LLMs and tokens, you’ll see in the gif that we show the token usage in real-time with the message so you can see how many tokens you have left each month (each subscription tier comes with a set amount of monthly tokens except for the free tier). But you can read more about it on our ai page and tips for reducing your token usage.


  • Conversations

Coming soon

  • delete/edit remarks
  • public Memories

Lots more on the horizon, writing this made me remember I still have updates for public Memories and Remarks to do (got a bit distracted by the excitement around AI). Thank you everyone :heart:

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Happy Thursday everyone! Metamorphic v.0.4.9 is out! :partying_face:

This is a minor update that adds the ability to delete remarks and implements start_async/3 on Memories to speed up dropping into the page while Memories are fetched from object storage and decrypted (still lots of improvements to be made here).


  • delete Remarks


  • start_async/3 to improve page loading UX on Memories

Coming Soon

  • edit Remarks
  • public Memories
  • AI moderation



Happy 2024 everyone!


Currently working on adding a Groups feature. Brainstorming:

Groups would be a place where, for example, a teacher/professor could easily have groups for different classes and students and share Posts with each Group and have a running Group discussion chat. All in “real time” and with the privacy of normal posts (e.g. each group has it’s own key for the encryption/decryption of group messages)

Any Connections in a group that are not also connected to each other, would not be able to see each other’s names/info except for their message in the Group chat/post. So students would be able to participate with the professor and fellow students without necessarily revealing their Metamorphic identities to each other.

This update would mean that you can send a group Post either from within a Group page or the existing Posts page. Also, any Group posts will populate in your Posts feed with an indicator that it’s for a Group. And clicking on that Post will take you to that specific Group’s page (where you’d see a live chat feed as well as the feed for that Group’s particular posts).

This is a rough brainstorm but wanted to let you know what I’m currently working on. If you have any thoughts or feedback lmk, happy to update/change/modify things for what people would like to see or think others would appreciate using!

Thank you :heart:


Big update for Metamorphic in April! Next on the todo list is a little screencast showing how to use everything and adding that to the main landing page. I’m hoping to get that up Friday :slight_smile:

  • layout redesign with light/dark support
  • add Groups
  • add 2FA support
  • updated pricing model
    • Starter (Free) - limited Memories and Groups
    • Essential ($15/mo or $99/yr) - unlimited
    • Business (tba — a family plan too) - support for organizations and/or family accounts
  • removed Conversations (considering other AI implementations/features)

Thank you for these :slight_smile:

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Video is up of me showing how to use Metamorphic. More to come, thanks everyone! :heart: