Migrating a Meteor app to Elixir

We’ve been running a Meteor/MongoDB app in production for a few years and we’re looking to move it over to Elixir/Postgres.

Has anyone been through this process before and have any recommendations?

It looks like it’s going to be A LOT of work and may well be a total rewrite of the application which may not be the smartest decision for us.

Being able to move it over incrementally would be the best solution for us. We’d continue to use Meteor for the client side rendered app and use the Meteor login system, but we’d like to build a real time API using Phoenix channels.

And the real question is whether we can successfully connect the Meteor client with the real time Elixir API.

Migrating from Postgres is a whole other can of worms especially with all the database calls we’re making from Meteor to MongoDB at the moment.

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Well you need to do a lot.

  • decouple your collections from the backend, and use only local collections
  • manage api calls to backend
  • handle the real time logic manually
  • apply new data to your collections manually
  • merge all that stuff with meteor frontend

You should start doing something, and after two weeks or so, you can make a conclusion, makes it sense or not…