Mipha - Open source forum built with Phoenix

I wrote a open source forum project build with Elixir/Phoenix, Named my favorite princess :smile:

Contains the following features:

  • User Register/Login/Reset password/Change Password
  • Upload avatar use qiniu
  • Support the third Github login
  • Mail delivery
  • CRUD Topic/Reply
  • Follow user
  • Star Topic/Reply
  • Collection topic
  • Notification
  • Support Markdown editor and mention(@) website user.

check it here:


Example is here: https://elixir-mipha.herokuapp.com/

Thanks for reading, have a good day.


You should add a plug to display the language that the browser is requesting, right now it looks hard-coded (to something I can’t read). ^.^;

Looks quite nice though!

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Amazing work!

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@OvermindDL1 I will add this feature as soon as possible.


Awesome, I’m definitely going to check out the source code.

Have to love Google’s translation of the README’s Introduction section:

Mipha is an open source forum for RubyChina with Elixir (chao) imitation (xi) . Children’s shoes that are interested in participating in the development can join the Slack channel

All I can see now are sneakers with LEDs just sitting down at a desk and hacking away on the code base. Hopefully they don’t get too worn out.


@OvermindDL1 @cnck1387

Update: Add i18n, support English language.