Mix deps + sparse + compile


So we have a small application that has Ecto as a dependency, I also want to include some schemas from another, very large, project we have. So I decided to make use of the sparse option.

{:schema, github: "BigApp/core", compile: "elixirc *.ex", sparse: "lib/big_app/file_system/schema/", app: false, runtime: false}

Looking at the deps directory I see that the schema modules have been downloaded, however I’m having an issue compiling the dependency. First I added the option compile: "elixirc *.ex"…maybe that’s not the best way?

My main issue is that it is failing to compile the dependency because it calls use Ecto.Query (although Ecto is in the deps of the parent project).

Any idea how to get around that problem? I’d rather not have to change the large project.