Mix ecto.create GenServer error



I am trying to set up a development environment on a new Ubuntu machine for a project. It is a project I’ve been working on for a while, and I have successfully set it up on other Macs. I have run through the ‘Up and Running’ Phoenix project on the Ubuntu machine, and it is able to create and connect to a new database, and create new tables, etc. So I think I have ruled out any permissions errors with PostGres.

When I try to run mix ecto.create I get the following error:


You need to upgrade postgrex as it do not support your DB version.


Thank you for the response, bumping postgrex fixed the problem. For my future education, how were you able to determine the problem? Is it something you have seen before, or is there something in the error message?


It’s an educated guess, based on the fact that the last function mentioned in the call stack is parse_version.