Mix ecto.migrate runs on heroku but does not set up database

I just deployed an umbrella app to Heroku. When I run mix deps.get, the log output looks normal, but when I inspect the database, I find that there are no tables.

Ooope – I mean mix ecto.migrate

Any ideas as to what is going on or how to solve//

do you mean to run mix ecto.migrate or mix deps.get?

mix ecto.migrate to set up the database – sorry, I will correct that – getting too late!

I have noticed you have had problems deploying the app to Heroku in other thread. Did you manage to successfully push the app source code to heroku? Because if you haven’t, then the migrate task would actually fail and do nothing.

The correct procedure would be to first deploy the app and then run migrations. Is this what you are doing?

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Thank you so much – all working well now except for two non-blocking issues.

Please see the other thread if you have the time.

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