Mix / hex issues on fresh install


I’m on a fresh install of Windows and Elixir and am running into issues on the most basic steps

I’m trying to run “mix local.hex” to setup the local hex instance but I get zero feedback. It hangs for about 5 seconds then exits with no response.

mix archive.install also fails (mix archive.install hex phx_new 1.5.3 does nothing)

I’ve googled around for hours trying to get to the bottom of it but I can’t find anything at all that is helpful.

Any ideas?

I’ve tried reinstalling from the exe on elixir-lang as well as via Chocolatey on the command line.

Really at a loss here.

Not that it helps, but it’s running fine for me on Windows. I’m using cmder as my shell. I’m not sure where the hex libraries are stored, but might be worth checking permissions. I’ve had weird things happen with the latest forced update where a process runnings as an admin user is denied write access to some random folders until I fix up the permissions.

Other than that, you could try the sysinternals tools to see what resources mix is trying to access.