Mix project metadata from command line

I want to run a command in a mix project directory that echos the version of the project. I know I can accomplish this with a custom mix task, but is there already a tool to echo project metadata, like the version number?

Will something like this work?

$ mix run -e "IO.inspect Mix.Project.config()[:version]"

There’s quite a few other keys beside just :version of course.

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Yes. Certainly, thank you. I can imagine a number ways like the one you’ve given. I was just curious if there was already a command for querying the project in the current directory that I had missed when I read over the documentation.


Ah, I see. There aren’t any prebuilt commands as far as I know. Although if you did create a command you could install it globally on your servers (similar to how mix phx is installed), although perhaps that’s what you meant by “custom mix task”.

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