Mix Task Creates "Web" folder inside root folder

Hello , i am very new with elixir/phoenix .
When i run " mix phoenix.gen.json " command - it creates new “web” folder inside root folder. I think it should generate controller, model, view files inside “App/lib/app_web” folder but it creates “App/web/controllers” etc… so i cant run controllers in router… I hope you understand my english…
have a nice day

The generated layout you describe seems to be phoenix 1.2, also the generator you use is phoenix 1.2.

Please make sure you have the correct version of the generators installed and then use phx.new to generate a project.

Installation of the generator is described in the section “Phoenix” on the installation page:



thank you for your response. when i ran mix phoenix.gen.json didnt work , but when i run mix phx.gen.json it worked as expected.