Mix test "error"

Hi, i’m using phoenix 1.3.0 project with postgreSQL and comeonin library for authentication.
When i run the “mix test” task, i get this error: __ Generated rumbl app ** (Mix) The database for Rumbl.Repo couldn't be created: FATAL 28P01 (invalid_password): password authentication failed for user "postgres" __.
Can someone help me to fix this issue, please.

Configure the correct password and user for your database in config/test.exs.


Thank you NobbZ, I forgot to change the DB configuration for the other envs.
I changed it in the test env and it works well.

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Any idea how I can check my correct password? Just in case I forget.

Well, just try to connect to your database using that password.

If it works, its correct, if you get a message telling you the credentials are unknown, then the password does not match the user you tried to connect with…

If this does not answer your question you should probably rephrase it.