Mixing It Up With Elixir (CodeSchool)

This is their course designed to be followed after their free Try Elixir course.

Citizens of the Unknown
Learn how to work with functions that can be assigned to variables and passed around as arguments to other functions.

The End Is the Beginning
Explore how to use pattern matching and recursions to iterate through lists.

Tuples & Maps
Discover how to pass options to functions and other ways to work with collections of elements.

Control Flow
Experiment with how to write control flow with the cond and case statements as alternatives to if.

The Mix Tool
Learn how to use Mix to create projects, run tasks, and manage dependencies.

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I’ve just finished this (thanks to their free weekend!) :slight_smile:

I reckon it’s a nice look into Elixir and also serves as a great way to revise and practice some of the things you’ve learnt after reading Programming Elixir and/or Elixir in Action (currently the only two books I’ve read myself) or after any of the other comparable Elixir books that cover the language in detail :023:

It’s certainly a lot of fun having to do live challenges :lol: and if this is your preferred method of learning you’re definitely in for a treat! (Just keep in mind that you’ll still want to read at least one book because they generally cover the language more broadly).