Mnesia vs Cassandra (vs CouchDB vs ...) - your thoughts?

Do you mean implementing it in the BEAM or implementing it in Erlang in the same way as Mnesia?

It would be nice to see that eleveldb driver that Klarna was working on for Mnesia shipped with OTP, and directly usable.

As far as I can see, LevelDB itself would need to run outside of OTP, or am I missing something?

(Not that this is a problem per se, but it is something to be aware of.)

Yes, it would. That would be the major difference between the standard Mnesia which uses dets as a backend and one using leveldb. Dets is part of the standard BEAM and implemented in it while leveldb is not. That is one reason I that I expect that leveldb will not be included in the standard OTP release.

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Seems that Riak Team are working in an implementation called leveled in pure Erlang

This seems to be a strong candidate to be included in the OTP release, what do you think?