Mongodb errors with elixir

Config (the config is same for both local and prod)

onfig :bt_notif, :bt_notif_env,
       mongo_host: "",
       mongo_username: "xyz",
       mongo_password: "xyz",
       mongo_database: "pqr",
       mongo_auth_source: "abc",
  1. Getting This from the local machine
    "Error Log: “16:28:51.961 [error] Mongo.Protocol (#PID<0.2088.0>) failed to connect: ** (Mongo.Error) mongodb:27017 tcp connect: non-existing domain - :nxdomain”

  2. and this from prod containers
    “15:59:06.063 [error] Mongo.Protocol (#PID<0.3014.0>) disconnected: ** (Mongo.Error) ip-182-30-14-130:27017 tcp recv: unknown POSIX error - :timeout”

Can someone please help out?

You are trying to connect to “mongodb:27017” and the DNS resolver is not able to resolve the name.

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