My ideal code editor :077:

You can split horizontaly… Sadly you can’t split vertically anymore then.

I miss “mixed splitting”.

You can now :slight_smile:


I had problems using insider builds in the past and since I do use vscode (side by side with Emacs) in production, I need a tool that works… But I’m looking forward to that feature! Thank you for letting me know!

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Just thought I’d post my experiences for future reference. (I have been evaluating IDEs because I have some new project needs coming up that are not even related to Elixir which are forcing me to take a look around.)

  • Atom: no debugger (which I don’t care about very much), otherwise does everything well, but takes too much CPU even when idle, even with plugins stripped out to almost 0 functionality. I’m tired of the fans running all the time, and aware that I won’t be able to use it successfully on battery power.

  • IntelliJ: does everything well, at substantially lower CPU usage than Atom. But I will not use it as my “1 IDE to rule them all” because the Vue.js plugin is basically worthless.

  • VSCode: does everything well, at substantially lower CPU usage than IntelliJ. I think I’m switching to it…


I’m using it already, it’s usable. I encourage more Emacs users to help beta test, fix bugs, and improve.

Update: happy enough with VS Code so far, and today they release a version with more flexible editor layout, which was my main gripe.

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