My new blog

I finally got around to starting a personal blog. Over the last month, I have been focusing on making my deployment pipeline both modern and reliable.

I wrote a post detailing what I ended up with:

Building a modern and reliable deployment pipeline to end 2019

I hope you enjoy!


Nice! I was going to ask what platform you are using and noticed - what do you think of it?

I am hoping to get back into blogging soon and thought the latest version of Wordpress wasn’t too bad actually :lol: (can move this to a separate thread if you prefer).

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I have used ghost on and off for years. I personally love it and getting it set up on kubernetes was pretty easy!


I’ve used ghost for a few years and I love how dead-simple it is to set up and maintain.


This is an awesome article. CI/CD makes me confident, efficient and happy. I made a similar pipeline, in hex package, except it is based on Gitlab’s pipeline only and not ready to open source yet. Anyway I got a lot of inspiration from you and definitely will take a deep look into the article.

Btw it seems that some code blocks are not fully displayed in my mobile browsers (both Brave and Safari).

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I personally am starting to fall in love with CI/CD as well! I will take a look at the blog issues today, thanks for letting me know!

Got that all fixed up (weird it didn’t work with ghost default theme).

Thanks again!

You are welcome! :smile: