Need help with debugging: (UndefinedFunctionError) function WaitingRoom.Application.start/2 is undefined

I’ve created a basic app using the new generator, and it has been working fine. After many failures in getting my schemas to work, now the app is totally broken.

I have not make any changes to the file structure and I using no custom settings at all. When trying to start the server I get

 (EXIT) an exception was raised:
        ** (UndefinedFunctionError) function WaitingRoom.Application.start/2 is undefined (module WaitingRoom.Application is not available)
            WaitingRoom.Application.start(:normal, [])

I don’t get anything from the this error. What is is saying? Im beached for the moment :frowning:

Also, I am getting this warning in files :Repo is not available or is yet to be defined
Trying to run migrations says a similiar thing: Could not load .Repo, error: :nofile

UPDATE: It’s possible maybe I’ve deleted some files or something weird - so will need to double check that.
Seems I did delete a file somehow. application.ex. So no wonder the entire thing broke. If that solves this completely I’ll delete this question or edit to be more specifc

@chrisdel101 welcome to the Elixir community.

module WaitingRoom.Application is not available

This part of the message is telling you that the runtime can’t find any module called WaitingRoom.Application and therefore it can’t invoke the function WaitingRoom.Application.start/2.

As it happens, the naming of that module and function would suggest its the function that is invoked when the runtime starts up your application.

Hopefully that also helps you understand what Repo is not available or is yet to be defined means - the runtime could not find a module called Repo.