Need some help integrating slickgrid with phoenix 1.6 and surface

I am trying to wrap the slickgrid javascript library in a surface component. I’ve put up my initial attempt here: GitHub - martindemello/phoenix_slickgrid: Phoenix Surface component for the SlickGrid javascript library.

I’ve installed slickgrid-es6 into assets/node-modules, and tried to write a surface component with a hook that simply populates a div with a slickgrid table with hardcoded data.

The first roadblock I ran into is that I have no idea how to import the slickgrid css. The file is at assets/node_modules/slickgrid-es6/dist/slick.grid.scss, which means I need to set up a scss compiler that will import and compile the file, but most of what I can find for how to do that is for the older, webpack-based versions of phoenix.

Could someone please walk me through what I need to do to add slickgrid to my app.css?