Need to run app in sync mode for debugging

hello every one,

I have finally learned how to debug and setup breakpoints using vscode for my app. However, I’m having an issue where the code being debugged jumps to random points in the code where breakpoints have been setup. so the question is: how to run an app in sync mode in order to debug sequentially…

Please define “sync mode.” Generally speaking, it’s impossible to run everything synchronously in the actor model, because no message would have been delivered.

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by “sync” mode I mean, having only one module running at a single instance so it can be troubleshooting sequentially, at this time any messages should be the ones I need to be sent on a conditional basis, that way the breakpoints that are set would be guaranteed to be run one after the other so its variables/properties can be examined.

another solution for me would be to isolate the target modules and run them as separate phoenix application but unfortunately the app i’m working on has way too big of web dependencies to be able to separate them easily so the only other alternative is to run the application in synchronous mode if possible.

Thank you for your response.