Nerves and rpi2 - how to add the rt2500usb driver for wifi usb dongle?

i need add the rt2500usb driver for wifi usb dongle to my nerves rpi2.
how to do?


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This is possible by creating a custom Nerves system, enabling the Linux kernel driver and including the correct firmware blob for the driver. I do not know the options offhand.

If I could suggest, could you switch to a Raspberry Pi with a built-in WiFi module? These are far easier to support. The Nerves core team has generally stopped helping out with USB WiFi modules due to the level of effort involved and there not being much support from the manufacturers.

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Hi fhunleth,
i waiting my local reseller for rp 0 w, unobtainable at this moment… but it is my idea.
In the meantime i would like use my rpi2.
I’ll try to create a custom Nerves system, as you suggest.
A thousand thanks