[Nerves][STM32 H7 dual processor series M7 and M4 processor]

Hi everyone. In the near future I would like to buy the Nucleo-h743zi board (this board has two processor: M7 and M4 ). The question is: can I run Nerves on one processor and my program (a controller developed in Simulink) on the other. How can I do ? Is there any documentation about it? Thanks to those who want to answer me.

If it is something like little.BIG from ARM, then all you can do is to rely on the OS to do scheduling for you. Erlang do not have any facilities to handle asymmetric multiprocessing.

Sadly, Nerves won’t run on Cortex-M7 processors. As sophisticated as they are, they still lack enough memory to run the BEAM and Nerves doesn’t support MMU-less processors.

If you’re ok with a Cortex-A7/M4 combination, then there’s a Nerves port to the STM32MP1. See nerves_system_osd32mp1.

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