Network connection issues after shut down or reboot

Hi, I am new to nerves (not tot elixir though) and I have a weird network problem.

I installed nerves on an raspi zero 2 W and also have a live_view running on. Kudos here to the community - worked like a charm.

Here is my problem:
Every time I shut down the raspi or it reboots because of a new firmware all machines in the WLAN network cannot connect tot the internet anymore until I reset the connection at the router. Like going to the router menu at “” and reconnect to the ISP.

The raspi in only connected via USB to my laptop, which itself is connected to the WLAN.

Here are my configs and versions:

      {:nerves, "~> 1.7.4", runtime: false},
      {:shoehorn, "~> 0.8.0"},
      {:ring_logger, "~> 0.8.1"},
      {:toolshed, "~> 0.2.13"},

      {:nerves_runtime, "~> 0.11.3", targets: @all_targets},
      {:nerves_pack, "~> 0.6.0", targets: @all_targets},



config :vintage_net,
  regulatory_domain: "US",
  config: [
    {"usb0", %{type: VintageNetDirect}},
    {"eth0", %{type: VintageNetEthernet, ipv4: %{method: :dhcp}}},
    {"wlan0", %{type: VintageNetWiFi}}

config :mdns_lite,
  # The `host` key specifies what hostnames mdns_lite advertises.  `:hostname`
  # advertises the device's hostname.local. For the official Nerves systems, this
  # is "nerves-<4 digit serial#>.local".  mdns_lite also advertises
  # "nerves.local" for convenience. If more than one Nerves device is on the
  # network, delete "nerves" from the list.

  host: [:hostname, "nerves"],
  ttl: 120,

  # Advertise the following services over mDNS.
  services: [
      protocol: "ssh",
      transport: "tcp",
      port: 22
      protocol: "sftp-ssh",
      transport: "tcp",
      port: 22
      protocol: "epmd",
      transport: "tcp",
      port: 4369


Any ideas?


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What exactly happens?

  • you have devices connected (eg laptop + phone) via WLAN to the router
  • they have internet access
  • the nerves device connects succesfully
  • now all devices have wlan and internet access
  • you reboot nerves device

what now?

  • all devices lose WLAN or
  • all devices lose internet access


what about devices connected by ethernet to the router?

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Hi @Sebb

When the nerves device goes down, alle devices lose internet connectivity. I have no ethernet connected, so I need to test what happens then.

I will come back with more details as soon as I have (family) permission to put the internet connectivity at risk :smiley:

thats very odd.

I’d try:

  • connect nerves device to another access point
  • call ISP and check if they see anything on their end when nerves device goes down