New Moderation Queue

Hi all!

As you’ve probably noticed the forum continues to grow at an exceptional pace! It’s therefore inevitable that from time to time we’ll get threads posted by new members that might fall below the high standards you have become accustomed to.

Additionally, combined with the continued success of Elixir, Phoenix & Nerves, we may also be subject to a few trolls along the way :lol:

Sometimes the lines can be a little blurry between a bad actor and a genuine user who just happened to not properly think through their post - so we have come up with an idea where we can deal with these cases quickly, effectively and fairly; via a new #moderation-queue section.

How will it work?

Threads will be moved to this new ‘members-only’ section when they fall below the expected standards. If the user is genuine and has made a genuine mistake, they’ll have the opportunity to edit their post and we can review it for inclusion back into the public forum.

If they’re not genuine or unwilling to see why their post may have fallen below our standards, we will have stopped them in their tracks since that section is not publicly viewable and any thread inside it that is not rectified within a week will be deleted :003:

We need your help!

The beauty of this section is that YOU can help. Whenever you see a thread you feel is ‘suspect’ or falls below the standards as outlined in the pinned info thread, you can either flag the thread for the attention of a moderator with a view to moving it to that section, or, if you are an official Forum Helper* at Trust Level 3 or above and are confident that moving it is the right thing to do, you can move it there yourself. (*Forum Helpers scheme coming soon!)

Once a thread is moved there - please do not engage - just let our Mods take it from there :slight_smile:

We hope you like the new moderation queue system, being able to adapt to new challenges is going to be key to ensure we maintain the high standards and positive atmosphere we have all grown to love here on the forum.

As always, thanks for your help and continued support :purple_heart: