New Relic

Has anyone ever integrated Elixir with New Relic? is an Erlang library that most people rely on and it hasn’t been updated in 3 years.


I have not yet integrated with new relic from an elixir application, but it’s definitely being done by some folks.

Here’s a project that instruments phoenix controllers and ecto queries to send data to new relic:


Yeah, that library is using the newrelic-erlang under the hood, which hasn’t been updated in a while.

Yes, but the new-relixir project has been worked on fairly recently, which seems to indicate that the newrelic-erlang project is doing the job, despite not having been updated recently? Temporality is not necessarily a great metric for determining correctness in software.

There’s a joke I saw recently that basically said (tongue-in-cheek, obviously), “A node project that hasn’t been updated in three weeks is abandoned. An erlang project that hasn’t been updated in 10 years is rock-solid.”


Right I don’t disagree with you there. I was implementing it locally and
ran into troubles and wondered if there was an updated library.

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You’re right to wonder if there’s something else available – apologies that I wasn’t able to resist my somewhat glib reply earlier.

I had looked around a few weeks back and kept coming back to that same newrelic-erlang project, so it does appear that it may be the only one currently.

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Hey there.

FYI, even though newrelic-erlang hasn’t been updated in a while, it does work perfectly. Also, on top of that, I’ve created a library in Elixir that uses newrelic-erlang and provides an easy DSL to work with NewRelic transactions. You can find it here:

Note that this is an early release, and things might not work perfectly


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Hey - I’m with The RealReal. Could you post an issue to the New Relixir repo of the troubles you’ve encountered?

I know that a number of the PRs from romul would have helped, but it was actually the newrelic-erlang project that needed high-security mode enabled for us.

Hey @sudostack. I didn’t have any troubles with NewRelixir repo at all! I think it’s a great library, but it’s pretty tied to Ecto and Phoenix and I am currently working in projects that don’t use a database at all, and they are not web based, so they don’t Phoenix either. In this context, I don’t want to start using a library that requires two dependencies I don’t need in my project. That’s the real reason I wrote discorelic in the first place

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Unfortunately newrelic-erlang isn’t rock-solid (based on real usage in production). Take a look at A new library for sending metrics to New Relic