Nginx, caddy 2 or pure Cowboy?

This sounds very great. Please do you have any guide on setting it on Digitalocean vps with ubuntu 20.04 if possible?

I found this but it seems to be related to Caddy 1, since we need to rebuild it each time we add a plugin or upgrade it.

I have very little time to deploy an umbrella project with 3 web apps. I will be reading their official docs but if you have any quick guide, it would be really nice. ^^

I saw a couple of days ago that Dropbox is switching to Envoy. Not all that familiar with it but it seemed really interesting.

I’m still very happy using nginx. I haven’t done web server based ACME challenges since Let’s Encrypt introduced v2 of their API.

Nowadays I handle certificate challenges over DNS which works nicely with wildcard certs too, since DNS challenges are the only way to do that. This way your web server is 100% out of the picture for challenges and it’s painless to automate.

Configuring and using the certificates at the nginx level is pretty much the same for all sites too and is really easy to set up for any site using nginx once you’ve done it once.


I would suggest you use the official caddy 2 docker container:
It’s fairly easy to set up!

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I just tried out caddy 2 this week and it’s a real breeze to setup. Had to fight it a bit mimicking a .htaccess file of a php project I run as well, but everything else worked in like no time. I’ll likely switch out my current system of traefik for handling domain -> service mapping + caddy for php/static webserver for just caddy 2.

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