No function clause matching in Endon

I am creating a search, and in my table where i am supposed to get my response on my queried data i am getting this error.

no function clause matching in Endon.Helpers.add_opts/3

These are my functions in the controller.

This is my router.

This is my template, where i am expecting my results once i query the database.


In order to have any answer, You need to provide enough information. There is no way to guess what is wrong.

At least show the relevant code, like the code in Endon.Helpers.

On top of what Koko said, not just the code of Endon.Helpers.add_opts/3, but also the full error and the call site of add_opts/3, I can’t find it in any of the screenshots.

Having said “screenshots”, please don’t use them to share code or errors, please use code blocks instead.