non-Semantic Versioning format error while using riak-kv


I’n out project we are using riak-kv and getting following mix error for latest riakc-erlang-client.
(Releases · basho/riak-erlang-client · GitHub)

I have defined deps as -

{:riakc, git: “”}

===> Compiling riakc
Unchecked dependencies for environment dev:

  • riak_pb (GitHub - basho/riak_pb: Riak Protocol Buffers Messages - riak_kv-3.0.2)
    the app file specified a non-Semantic Versioning format: “riak_kv-3.0.2”. Mix can only match the requirement “>= 0.0.0” against semantic versions. Please fix the application version or use a regular expression as a requirement to match against any version
    ** (Mix) Can’t continue due to errors on dependencies


Hi @prax!

You can try this branch that should have a fix for your issue: GitHub - elixir-lang/elixir at emj/rebar3-default-req.


And until Elixir ships with that fix, you can work around the problem by explicitly defining the erroring dependency:

  defp deps do
      {:riakc, git: ""},
      {:riak_pb, git: "", tag: "riak_kv-3.0.2", override: true}