Not getting nested association in GraphQL absinthe

I haven’t used dataloader yet but am trying to understand step by step each part.

Currently, I’m successfully getting an association with products, such as store information they belong to.

  object :product do
    field(:id, non_null(:id))
    field(:product_name, non_null(:string))
    field(:product_description, non_null(:string))
    field(:product_price, non_null(:decimal))
    field(:product_type, non_null(:integer))
    field(:is_returnable, non_null(:boolean))
    field(:store, :store_obj)

This associated is working since in the Schema we have belongs_to(:store, Hunters.Stores.Store) and

def get_store!(id) do
    Repo.get!(Store, id)
    |> Repo.preload([:user])

What I would like to understand is how could I go a step further? or would this be something advised not to do? Like for example if I wanted
Product {
Store {

When I tried adding user information within the :store object I’m getting null. How would we preload something that isn’t associated with product?

Thank you for the advice and learning how this is done.