Notifiex: Send notifications/messages to various services!

Hi there,

This is my first ever Elixir project: Notifiex, a library for for sending notifications/messages to various messaging services like Slack, Discord, etc.

Notifiex can be added to any Elixir application, which allows the app to send notifications/messages easily, without crafting custom dispatching logic for your apps.

Once installed, sending a message/notification is super easy:

> Notifiex.send(:slack, %{text: "Hi there!", channel: "general"},  %{token: "SECRET"})

Project Link: GitHub - burntcarrot/notifiex: A dead simple Elixir library for sending notifications to various messaging services.


Feedback is really appreciated. I’m relatively new to Elixir and the library is still in its infancy, I’ll be making more changes in the future releases!


A couple of updates:

  • Support for plugins will be out in the next release! This would allow users to create their own “plugins” for services which isn’t supported by Notifiex.
  • I’m working on asynchronous message/notification dispatching; it should be available in a few releases!

Didn’t knew that this project would blow up, thanks for your support! Feels special to have my first Elixir project to be recognized by the amazing community! :smiley:


Although I haven’t used it, I think there’s another similar project called Raven that you might use for inspiration.

EDIT: Found it.


That’s a great project! I’ll take some inspiration from it!

It seems like the project is no more maintained, I hope Notifiex becomes a successor to it in the near future! :smiley:


I’m glad to announce that support for plugins is out now (in v1.2.0)!

Notifiex now supports:

  • Sending multiple notifications at once
  • File uploads for Slack
  • Asynchronous notification dispatching
  • Creation of plugins (a complete guide on creating plugins - contributions welcome! :D)

Great job! It reminded me about Laravel Notification Channels, they have 54 active notification channels and maybe contributors can take inspiration for implementation from there.

Saw the plugins guide:

It is suggested to publish plugins through Github; not through

Is there a specific reason for that?

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Publishing to hex is not recommended as there might be multiple plugins/implementations for the same service, for example, User A and User B may create a plugin for Telegram with the name notifiex_telegram, which can cause namespace conflicts while publishing to hex.

Using plugins through Github can help solve this problem, as the plugin now points to the git repository; which means multiple users can create plugins for the same service.