Novel uses of Elixir / Phoenix / OTP / BEAM?

I’m a fan of Elixir / Phoenix et. al. Though I’m struggling with finding apropos scenarios where the stack is uniquly suited to shine and really take advantage of OTP etc. Can anyone point out novel, use-cases where Elixir / Phoenix / OTP / BEAM is used to great effect? Something other than the canonical WhatsApp example.

Professionally, I’ve tried using it at work for a psuedo map/reduce style system. It seemed to work well, however, the project was eventually replaced by Apache Spark. Personally, I’d like to try using the stack again for a new project, though I’m drawing a blank on what type of project I should try. Rewritting my blog seems underwhelming. I’d like to work on something which uses GenServers / Supervisors / etc.

Any ideas?

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Hot off the press - maybe this article will help? :003:

Which companies are using Erlang, and why?

By @ErlangSolutions team member @FrancescoC :smiley:

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In my experience (and also probably others’ since they’ve taken the leap) this stack is particularly well suited to model sports & sports-betting. Examples are Bleacher report, Forza football, bet365 but also lesser-known like Simplebet, Global sports betting and tons of others (just google search for elixir/erlang + sports betting)

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