OmiseGO eWallet SDK is built with Elixir

I have been following and learning a lot through reading this forum so far. So I’m excited to share that, with all your help through the discussions here, my team and I have just open sourced our OmiseGO eWallet SDK.

Repo: GitHub - omgnetwork/ewallet: eWallet Backend for the OmiseGO SDKs.

The OmiseGO eWallet is an Elixir application freely available for anyone who wishes to run a (local) ledger through a web interface.

The eWallet will later be plugged to a blockchain and connected to a decentralized exchange. All the eWallets will then become a federated network forming the top layer of the OMG network, allowing the exchange of any currency into any other in a transparent way.

This OmiseGO eWallet SDK is a little different from other applications in the sense that there isn’t any centralized server hosted by OmiseGO for the SDKs to connect to. You are expected to host the eWallet server application so that eventually it connects to a decentralized blockchain network. (Although we do have a sample server setup for anyone to try making a call to.)

There’s still a lot of room for improvements, but I would be very happy to receive any feedbacks, especially in terms the code improvements and developer’s experience using this SDK.

Thanks in advance!


Heh, this looks interesting. :slight_smile:
Is it a dedicated blockchain? What/where are the miners?

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Sorry to disappoint, but it is not integrated with a blockchain (yet).

Having said that, this non-blockchain part still takes an important role in storing/interacting with data that don’t need to be on-chain, and will eventually be integrated with a blockchain. We open-sourced it now because we want to hear early feedbacks from the community (code-wise, feature-wise, etc.), and be transparent about our progress as we continue to build it up.