OP_GET_MORE operations are not supported on views in Mongo

Hii… I have created a VIEW for my collection in mongodb which holds all registered users data. Now I am using AGGREGATE function to find all the users. It is working fine with less users but more than 150-170 users getting below error.

 Namespace testDB.VW_USERS is a view. OP_GET_MORE operations are not supported on
 views. Only clients which support the getMore command can be used to query views. 166

What error is this and how can i resolve it??

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dont know much about mongodb… but can you post what mongodb library/ecto and version you are using? then you have a better chance of somebody helping you…

posting the actual code also helps…

eg. I see something about get_more here https://github.com/ankhers/mongodb_ecto/search?q=get_more&unscoped_q=get_more

Hi @nishanthg92!

Originally MongoDB used these things called op codes (in this case. OP_GET_MORE) to speak with the database. Overtime some of these have been replaced by commands (in this case, getMore). The mongodb does not currently support using the getMore command.

However, I saw this thread and threw together a patch to address this. Would you mind taking a look at that branch and let me know, either here or on that pull request, whether it works for you?