Open source Phoenix applications with tests to learn from

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Hello, I’m trying to get more and more into testing, however it’s always a plus to see how others are doing it.

Please share the projects you know use Phoenix and have tests so we (or at least I) can learn from.

Thank you for your time!



I would suggest to try to look on the tests from the most popular hex packages. Probably this is the best source of the inspiration. On the other hand you can find some inspiration from those projects:

Enjoy \o/ \o/ \o/


we’re in the process of updating our test suite [1] but in general I think codebase [2] is a pretty good place to see some real word Elixir/Phoenix production & test code as well.



Here is a similar post that already contains some links:



It has a REST API that uses the jsonapi spec with quite a lot of tests to cover it


@oxyrus - great question. My goal is to get better at testing too, and I’m glad you’ve asked this. Any suggestions for someone about 6 months behind you on this topic?