Opinions: replace esbuild with bun.js

Have you tried it? I’m looking forward to a nobuild liveview app running, but haven’t gotten to make it work myself.

Of course. Here is how it look like:

This is a small application with only 9 js totaling 200KB uncompressed, the bulk of it is liveview.You can see HTTP/2 downloading all the unbundled js in the chart.


This is cool. What are steps involved to have it running?

check the source:

Every js/css is copied like other assets using phoenix_copy | Hex at build time. no esbuild, no tailwind_cli,

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To add to what LostKobrakai wrote I would rather any solution (for assets) when scaffolding new Phoenix projects would come from a generator through a mix script.
The possibilities are endless and what’s important it’s whatever comes as default to be easy to eject and replace with whatever solution you want to go with.

Right now I think we have a good balance in that regard in Phoenix land.