Order of children starting in Supervisor Tree

I am curious about the order of starting process in Supervisor tree.

   children = [ 

Q1. Will supervisor(2) wait until worker(1) started?
Q2. Will supervisor(3) wait until all workers under supervisor(2) started ?

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A1: Yup
A2: Yup


Thank you for SUPERFAST Answer, :slight_smile:

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Ah, still a bit curious. What If Worker under Supervisor(3) need to use something in Worker of Supervisor(2). It should work, right ?. I have some test scenario that Worker(of Supervisor(3)) want to access Worker(of Supervisor(2) which is Agent process). But it warn me randomly that no process when Worker(Sup3) do a request to Worker(Sup2).

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It depends how your Agent process is being started up. If the Agent needs to be started before the worker is started, then you should be able to see the agent process. If you have code then it would be easier to diagnose. :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: You’re right, I just confuse when I test it with async: true