Order of messages sent via a Phoenix Channel

First of all, sorry for the super noob question.

I’m currently studying Elixir/Phoenix while using it for a hobby project.
I have a mobile messaging app that connects to a single node Phoenix server.
Upon making a connection to the server, the server will send a list of messages to the client app.
Can we expect messages to be received in the same order as the server sent them?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not totally sure, but I think: yes.

Pubsub is very easy, it just keeps a list of subscribers an dispatches events to them:

def dispatch(entries, from, message) do
  for {pid, _} <- entries, pid != from do
    send(pid, message)


So the question is, does erlang guarantee ordered messages:

10.8 Is the order of message reception guaranteed?

Yes, but only within one process.

If there is a live process and you send it message A and then message B, it’s guaranteed that if message B arrived, message A arrived before it.

On the other hand, imagine processes P, Q and R. P sends message A to Q, and then message B to R. There is no guarantee that A arrives before B. (Distributed Erlang would have a pretty tough time if this was required!)

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