O'Reilly shop closes down - no more book sales, just subscriptions



For Elixir specifically, the resources I’ve gone through so far via Safari include:

I have a bunch of others in a playlist to go through, including @benwilson512’s
Craft GraphQL APIs in Elixir with Absinthe.

Searching for “elixir” currently yields 650 results; 633 books, 3 learning paths (which are curated lists of books/videos to work through), and 14 video series. Everything O’Reilly and a bunch of affiliated publishers have made available.

That’s only Elixir, of course. There are 12,000+ results for “javascript”, 299 for “golang”, 122 for “graphql”, another 12,000+ for “sql”. I’ve read through dozens of O’Reilly titles over the years on Python, Go, C#, .NET Core, UI/UX, databases, microservices, deployment, you name it - too many to remember. I generally have at least one video series on the go at any given time, and tend to watch it while eating lunch at my desk, or when I’d normally be tempted to flick on the TV. It’s surprising how quick it is to get through a 4 hour series that way.

On the whole, though, I prefer to work through written text - that’s just how I tend to learn.

TBH, I haven’t ventured too deeply into the other areas of ACM, except a quick skim on ScienceDirect (which looks awesome, although I think only a subset is available related to computing?). There’s SkillShare, job boards, and a bunch of other stuff I’ll probably never get the time to explore properly, plus industry events and other stuff.

Definitely worth $75/yr, IMO - 3 books a year covers what I’d normally spend on Amazon for the same titles. I probably get through 5-10x that.