Other Resources For Using/Understanding Dialyzer

Hi all,

I know of this chapter from Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good! but I was wondering if there are other resources on

a.) Using Dialyzer


b.) Understanding Dialyzer’s Output



I agree the documentation is sparse. My first bout with Dialyzer was with exads, and I was able to mostly figure out its cryptic messages by googling the error. The ones I ran into were the following:

What is “a supertype of the success typing?!” I think when I searched this one, I found some mailing list conversations and the actual scientific paper, “Practical Type Inference Based on Success Typings” from the authors of Dialyzer, Tobias Lindahl and Konstantinos Sagonas. (The scientific paper announcing Dialyzer is called “Detecting Software Defects in Telecom Applications Through Lightweight Static Analysis: A War Story”.)

Other than that, I found this post by @Joseph_Kain, and the dialyxir README.

There definitely is an opportunity for more blog posts and documentation, so feel free to share what you learn.


I gave a talk on success types and dialyzer at Erlang Factory this year that might be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jxfodke3oX8&list=PLWbHc_FXPo2i4xDdRd-sGvZZiKjSABOk4&index=8

I’m not super happy with how the talk turned out but hopefully some of the information might be useful.


Thanks for that pointer @keathley!

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