Outdated Tutorials Online: Take Care!

While I was checking some popular tutorials online about Phoenix webframework, I noticed that some of them is outdated, even if they were just made last year.

So I just wanted to warn new comers when they pay money for any tutorial, make sure that the course is for Phoenix 1.3+ because the structure has changed after that. For example, in one tutorial there was a model folder in his project, in mine there wasn’t. Then I found it’s already a topic in Stack overflow:
Why there isn’t a models folder?

So for me, I guess I will go back to the official phoenix documentation for now, and then try to find out what are the differences in the older tutorials (but I hope they don’t confuse me). Meanwhile, I believe there should be clear awareness of this issue to avoid people turning off. One of the reasons many people left the Meteor framework is lack of good documentation for many new changes, and also bad backwards compatibility with newer versions. So I hope this project doesn’t repeat the same mistakes. So far so good :slight_smile:

Side note regarding backward compatibility. This is one article I loved that explains how Microsoft adopts this philosophy, and it is one of the reasons I have respect for them in this regards:

The source explains:

Now, it’s over forty years later and we still can’t name files “con.txt” or “aux.mp3” because Windows wants to stay compatible with ancient programs that might be using this feature. It’s a good example of how intensely Microsoft is committed to backwards compatibility.

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Oh yes, like windows old multimedia interfaces that broke hardware managed audio in Vista (important a couple of jobs ago for me) with no replacement even to Win10, or which UI system should you use, the old COM interfaces, or maybe WF, or perhaps WPF, or maybe UWP, among even more others, all of which look, feel, and act different, and this is just barely scratching the iceberg. :wink:

For note, Microsoft adopts that philosophy for their kernel, which is a rather amazing piece of engineering, but the user systems and application API’s have backwards incompatible changes all the time, not even the non-kernel system APIs have been exempt from losing backwards compat on occasion.

No worries man, I am not a hardcore Windows fan. I use Windows & Linux, each for what they are good at. And Vista by the way, was a mistake that Microsoft confessed, if not publicly then at least by building Windows 7 on Windows XP code base. So Vista was literally destroyed.

Anyway, cheers :slight_smile:

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