Overcast vs Stitcher

I know this isn’t programming related per se, but does anyone have a strong opinion of using something like Overcast vs. Stitcher for listening to podcasts?

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I haven’t used either - what do they offer that you wouldn’t get from listening to a podcast in another tab? (I don’t listen to podcasts on mobile players)

Yeah if at home I have a podcast in a browser tab, if on-the-go it is either soundcloud or google music for podcasts.

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I use Overcast daily. It’s how I listen to all my podcasts. I think it works pretty well! I haven’t had any trouble with it and don’t have any complaints. I’ve never used Stitcher so I don’t know how it stacks up against Overcast.

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I use pocketcasts on my android phone.
The have elixir fountain podcast and much more …:slight_smile:

Try pocketcasts and you never go back to something else :wink:

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But why? :lol:

The only podcasts I listen to these days are the Elixir Fountain and anything that might have José or Chris (or anyone else I follow) on :003:

I think have some about 20 podcasts in one place :slight_smile:
Some times I like to listen podcasts on the go and I always have them by my site.
The nice feature is to create account and all you data will be synced across multiple devices.
You can also check podcast description.
You can also adjust playback speed.

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This question extends far beyond just simple feature checklist or app preference. Overcast is, what you might call simple podcatcher, application designed to read feeds from various sources and play podcasts. Sticher on the other hand is a closed platform, which is taking a shot on monopolizing a podcast market, by forcing their own rules, inserting their own ads onto podcasts. Creators wanting to get into Sticher have to give up all the control over their creations to corporate conglomerate, which wants to dictate the rules to everyone on this market.

Sticher is quite bad now, but I won’t even try to image what might their plan be if they manage to gain significant market share. That beeing said whatever the lo level features of the app are, there is no gain in using Sticher over any app on the market. They lack many podcasts, because lots of Podcast creators do not agree to their rules and decided not to be available on the platform.

If you are considering an podcast app please try Overcast, Castro, Downcast, Pocketcasts and may others, but not Sticher.

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Thank you for your response on this. I have been religiously using Overcast as my podcast player for a while now and am really enjoying all the features.