Pair Programming to Cement Knowledge

I know we have the group for Exercism but was unsure if we had a user list for pair programming through tools like Screenhero.

I found pair programming invaluable to learning JavaScript and some of the big libraries/frameworks both as the person being mentored and later as the person doing the mentoring. Nothing cements knowledge like giving it away.

Perhaps even add some screencasting over twitch or youtube while working on a project.

I was thinking some good projects might be:

  • An ACO written using the Canvas API, communicating with an Elixir app performing the actual algorithm through Phoenix channels.

  • A sudoku solving application written in Elixir, using Phoenix to serve up the game board to allow initial input and display the results.

  • (Not entirely Elixir related) Using Docker to set up an image to deploy to Digital Ocean or provider of choice.

Edit to add:
This might be an awesome way for library authors to showcase usage of their hard work and contribution to the community.


Sounds cool. In general I would like to pair program too. It depends a little bit on the „when”. Are you in Europe? Since I could only program in the evenings in CEST.


I’m available in the evenings in Pacific Daylight Time.

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So I’m trying to build a simple service on Phoenix that uses Twilio. I’m having some growing pains with supervised tasks, but slowly working through them. If anyone would be willing/interested in pairing and helping me out I’d definitely appreciate it!


I’m still learning but I wouldn’t mind helping out pairing. I’m in the west coast , evenings works best

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