Parent liveview doesn´t recieve msg from child live_component

I have an problem regarding sending messages from an child live_component to liveview parent. As i understand, the live_component will live in the same process as the liveview.

Definition of multiselectcomponent

defmodule FormTestWeb.MultiSelectComponent do
  use FormTestWeb, :live_component

  def render(assigns) do
    <div class="flex justify-center">
      <%= inputs_for @form, :options, fn value -> %>
        <div class="form-check">
            <%= checkbox( value, :selected, phx_target: @myself, phx_change: "checked", value: %>
            <%= label( value, :label,, class: "ml-2") %>
            <%= hidden_input( value, :label, value: %>
      <% end %>

  def handle_event("checked", %{"navigate" => %{"options" => values}}, socket) do
    [{index, %{"selected" => selected?}}] = Map.to_list(values)
    index = String.to_integer(index)
    current_option =, index)

    updated_options =
      List.replace_at(socket.assigns.options, index, %{current_option | selected: selected?})

    Process.send(self(), {:updated_options, updated_options})
    {:noreply, socket}

  def update(params, socket) do
    %{options: options, form: form, id: id} = params

    socket =
      |> assign(:id, id)
      |> assign(:options, options)
      |> assign(:form, form)

    {:ok, socket}

The Process.send(self(), {:updated_options, updated_options}) will give the error function Process.send/2 is undefined or private but still send the message {:updated_options, updated_options} to liveview.

The liveview catches the event through handle_event:

  def handle_event("validate", %{"navigate" => navigate}, socket) do
    {:noreply, socket}

In my understanding, using the send/2 function should send message to parent liveview, in which will catch such message with handle_info/2. But nothing is happening.

When i use Process.send/2, it crashes but still sends the message after the crash. When i correct it and use Process.send/3. Nothing is happening.

Any suggestions what might have gone wrong?

Process.send/2 does not exist – only Process.send/3 does… You want send/2


An honest mistake by me, thanks for an fast reply!