Passing a phx-value-param when a select input changes

I’m trying to pass along some extra data when a select input is changed. So here is my form

<.form for={ChangeItemDC} phx-change="change_item_dc" phx-value-scrubitem={}>
  <select name="dc_id" phx-value-test={}>
    <.dc_options selected_dc={@selected_dc} dcs={@dcs} />

In the code above I’ve added the phx-value-* to both the form and the select statement, I only need 1 of them to work but I was testing around different elements to see if the param would get passed in

Here is the event handler

  def handle_event("change_item_dc", params, socket) do
    {:noreply, socket}

Which ends up outputting

%{"_target" => ["dc_id"], "dc_id" => "61"}

As you can see both phx-value-* values aren’t being passed in. I’ve tried adding it to the <option> element as well but still nothing changed. How could I get this meta data for an onchange event for a select element? Essentially I would like the params to be

%{"_target" => ["dc_id"], "dc_id" => "61", "scrubitem" => "10"}

I think a hidden form field for scrubitem is what you want to use here.

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