Passing 'params' and variables to a controller function

I am trying to build the functionality for comparing two different entities into my web app. The way I envisioned the process was:

  1. Link to the /compare route
  2. Search for a runner, which will show up on the /compare route again
  3. Select the first entity. (Originally my goal was to have both searches taken care of with the :index route of my CompareController) This routes to a :first_runner route indicating, where the second search is done.
  4. Search at /compare/:id and on the same page have the search results show up
  5. Select a result and route to /show

The problem I’m having is (i) I couldn’t get all of this to work on one page so I moved away from that. Now I have three (going on four) pages. One for the first seach, second for after selecting the first search, and the show page, although I can’t get the search results to show on the second page so I’m working on building a fourth page in before the final /show page. I thought there has to be a better way of handling this.

Is there a way to forward on the params from a controller to the next one? This way I could forward on the first runner to the rendering of the second runner, and finally pass the conglomerate of those two onto my show route. Otherwise, is there a way to pass on a params and a database id to a controller?

My code is located here: for the controller and I am working within compare contexts.

Thank you for your help!