Path helper removing tags

I am creating a tagging system where the user will be able to select a tag to list all entries with such tag(s).

This is how I am doing it currently

<%= link, to: Routes.event_path(@conn, :index, tags: GoerWeb.Helpers.add_tag(@tags, %>

  def add_tag(tag_list, new_tag) when is_binary(new_tag) do
    case Enum.member?(String.split(tag_list, " "), new_tag) do
      false ->
        if tag_list == "" do
          "#{new_tag} #{tag_list}"

      true ->

User will also be able to remove tag that they are no longer interested and the links generated will be

<%= link tag, to: Routes.event_path(@conn, :index, tags: GoerWeb.Helpers.remove_tag(@tags, tag)) %>

  def remove_tag(tag_list, to_remove_tag) when is_binary(to_remove_tag) do
    String.split(tag_list, " ")
    |> List.delete(to_remove_tag)
    |> Enum.join(" ")

However if there is only 1 tag left and the user removes the tag, the link generated will be
instead of

Of course I could do a if check to see if the tag string is empty and use
<%= link tag, to: Routes.event_path(@conn, :index %>
instead of
<%= link tag, to: Routes.event_path(@conn, :index, tags: GoerWeb.Helpers.remove_tag(@tags, tag)) %>

but is there a neater way to handle this?


Hey @garj.

Try having the helper return the whole set of options:

<%= link, to: Routes.event_path(@conn, :index, GoerWeb.Helpers.add_tag(@tags, %>

Then the add_tag function should return either [tags: tag_list] or simply [] if there are no tags.

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Hey @benwilson512, it works really well. Thanks!

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