Pbkdf2_elixir failed during mix deps.get

I currently have the following in my mix.exs:

{:pbkdf2_elixir, "~> 1.0"}

but a mix deps.get in my terminal results in the following:

Request failed (:timeout)
If this happens consistently, adjust your concurrency and timeout settings:

** (Mix) Package fetch failed and no cached copy available (https://repo.hex.pm/tarballs/pbkdf2_elixir-1.0.2.tar)

I tried HEX_HTTP_CONCURRENCY=1 HEX_HTTP_TIMEOUT=120 mix deps.get but still it failed
is this something to do with the repo?

@greyhwndz I pasted the URL in that message into my browser (repo.hex.pm/tarballs/etcetcetc) and got a downloaded file immediately; what happens on your machine? Are you behind any kind of proxy server?

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Am not sure but every dependencies downloaded well except that one so I am guessing not about being any kind of a proxy server? How would I know that @al2o3cr?

I can dowload the file just fine using my browser too. Universities and companies sometimes use proxy servers, so one way to find out is to ask your IT department.