Persisting state

Hello, I have a table with checkboxes. How do you persist state?

Not tested,

But You could pass the state back to the controller with url, and retrieve it in the params of LV handle_params.

I have used the approach suggested by @kokolegorille and it works just fine. Encode the query (the checkboxes in your case) like you would normally do in the return_to path that you are passing to your modal and in your LV you handle them in handle_params. If it’s a form, my phx-change callback is very thin and just uses push_patch and all the filtering logic happens in handle_params.

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I’m not sure what you mean here by encoding the query? I’m not sure how to pass the checkboxes into the modal (or if that’s even what you mean?)

I added some code here for context.

Encoding them as simple query params. Example: ?city=6+1&location=2. You edited the 1st post, but if I remember right you had a modal in there with a return_to path. By encoding the checkboxes values as query params into the return_to path, whenever the user closed the modal, it will return to the return_to path passed, thus your handle_params will pick up and re-construct the checkboxes state as if the user never left the page in the first place.