PETAL Developer - fully remote, CEST time zone

Introductory paragraph

MiPasa was built out of the want to help; Help folk work with a myriad of unstructured COVID-19 data, that was published all around the world, in different formats, languages and with various update frequencies. In addition to the data aggregation, MiPasa enables collaborative research and development, by allowing the coding, modelling, analyzing, publishing and sharing insights globally.

After a year of building the platform, based on feedback from users and hackathons, it has become apparent that we have something good, something that can be used for different types of data - not only to help with Covid; Companies would like to use this for internal data processing. Over the last few months, we have started to look at how we can let others take advantage of the system we have built.


One of the goals of 2021 was to make the codebase “onboard-able” (is that even a word?). Previously we had more than 5 repositories and at least 3 different stacks (python, java, node), it was very difficult for developers to join the team and add value. We needed to move to a core group of full-stack developers that can build at least 90% of the stack and features.

The combination of Elixir and LiveView was a perfect fit. We now have one main stack that the team is working on. Productivity and happiness have increased significantly and we now have a codebase we can “onboard” developers onto. Oh, and it’s live too!


The CEO has been a developer for over 20 years (Stanford, IBM, Goldman Sachs to name a few) and a CEO for the last 5 years. Having a technical CEO that understands the development process and procedures as well as the ability to understand the implementation is a real strong point for the team.

Our head of Engineering is a seasoned startup Head of Engineering with over 20 years of experience and has built multiple small and large teams. He is also passionate about Elixir and created the Barcelona Elixir Meetup back in 2015. He was responsible for introducing Elixir to MiPasa.

About us

My name: Zi Makki
My position: Head of Engineering - the person that introduced Elixir
Company name: MiPasa
Country: Remote

About the job

Job title: Senior developer
Job description: PETAL Stack
Salary range: Above market rate
Position on remote work: we have no office :slight_smile:
Qualifications or experience required: > 4 Years of development experience && > 6 Months of Elixir experience
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Building features based on feedback from our users. Building prototypes. “Productionising” successful prototypes.

About the interview process

Below is our best idea for validating fit, but if you have better suggestions, we’re open to them.

  • A chat with the Head of Engineering - Are you a fit for us? Are we a fit for you?
  • Then a technical stage - pair with the team - Would you be able to add value to them? Will they be able to add value to you?
    • Bring a codebase you know.
    • Think of a feature to add to it that shows your experience with the tools and stack.
    • Explain that feature to a member of the team.
    • Work with that team member to implement it.
  • Shortly after you will have a conversation with the Head of Engineering where they will explain the offer or the reason for the rejection.

Further info