PG Pool II


First of all i am very new to Phoenix/Elixir stack so please be patient with my queries.

I am currently planning to build an application with possibly a lot of users. I am investigating the best scenario for the database and at the moment i find that PG Pool II with streaming replication and synchronous_commit = remote_apply will be best.

My goal - to have multiple instances of the database where writes can replicate to the rest of the DB pool. It is single tenant project but it will have to hold multiple nodes of web server and DB servers talking to each other.

The application will use LiveView in most of the pages for real time user interactivity.

So hopefully someone has tested it and the question is - does Ecto/Phoenix plays well with PG Pool II or not?

My concern is related to values being changed in the database then LiveView pick them automatically and update them on the other user end. As per the documentation PG Pool II is seen from the client as the database but i am not sure exactly how things work with Ecto.

If no one has such experience i will definitely test this scenario. If someone has done it i will appreciate the advice.